Quick Clean Up

I store my thread in a 6″x15″ tray often meant for organizing utensils.  The tray lives in on the keyboard tray of my desk, which is almost exclusively used for sewing.  I prefer to store my thread away from constant exposure to light even though it is less aesthetically pleasing than a wooden thread holder.  My bobbins also live in this tray and eventually it becomes a big mess.  I didn’t think to capture a photo of the mess, but one day I was inspired to find a way to keep those bobbins in check without buying another plastic doodad (no offense to plastic doodads, honestly they sucker me in way too often) so I grabbed a colored pencil (in a color I don’t use much, also it was already close to the perfect length) and sandwiched it in there.  And it worked (the grey liner at the bottom has little raised dots that help keep it in place, surely the thread spools help too). My wound bobbins are lined up neatly and no longer rolling around spitting thread out.  Then I was inspired to resort my threads by color (and size).  It was a very quick project and pleased me so much that I snapped a photo.


Next to it is a second tray, 6″x12″ that holds my pinking shears, my rotary cutter* and a large spool of cotton thread (hopefully I’ll continue to use up the thread collection and integrate it with the rest of the thread then the extra bobbins will take its place).  The left tray is shorter because otherwise it would block the magnetic catch to close the keyboard tray.  The weird white thing is a sewing machine part that doesn’t fit in the accessory box or my sewing binder.  And the orange peeking at the left side of the photo is some cabinet liner I use to keep my rolls of masking tape from sliding off the back of the keyboard tray every time I open the “drawer”.  I do love having the thread so close to my machine.

*not an ideal location, I’m testing out a new location and will share if it proves successful

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