QotD: A Tip About Tipping

What's your method for calculating a tip?

I like to tip 20% unless I'm horribly disastified by the service (or am paying cash and am a bit short).  I use the decimal moving trick to figure out 10% and double that.

Example: the bill is 25.00.  You move the decimal over one place to the left to get 2.500 and double that for 5.

If, for some reason I want to tip 15% I do the same thing but also figure out the 5% value and add them.

Example: the bill is 25.00.  10% is 2.50, 5% is 1.25 so the tip is 3.75.

And then sometimes I round up or down to make a whole dollar amount.

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November 13, 2006. Tags: , . Thoughts. 1 comment.