Recently I picked up some tomatillos at the farmer's market.  I had started craving tomatillo salsa and was excited to make some since I haven't been keen on the jarred versions I've bought in the past.  They sat around longer than I'd like to admit once I realized that I wasn't sure what went well with tomatillo salsa other than chicken and we don't cook chicken anymore.  Tonight I finally came up with an idea for a meal to go with the sauce.  Enchiladas made with the salsa, filled with zucchini, mushrooms and onions and topped with queso fresco.  This worked nicely because I already have a large quantity of corn tortillas that I need to use.

We bought the remaining necessary ingredients while on our afternoon bike ride.  I came home and double checked my Diana Kennedy cookbook, The Cuisines of Mexico, and the tomatillo salsa recipe I pulled from The Homesick Texan.  I didn't have serano chiles, but I had two poblanos that I had to use, so I roasted them under the broiler (flipping ever minute or so) to get a nice charred flavor and remove the skins.  Then I threw the hulled, rinsed, quarter tomatillos in the blender with 1/2 a medium white onion, a couple chopped garlic cloves and the juice from 1/2 a lime.  I blended until mostly smooth, then added a handful of cilantro and the peeled chopped poblanos and blended again, then added a pinch of salt and sugar and dumped it all into a skillet with a bit of oil to simmer for 5 minutes.

For the filling I sauted up slices of 1/2 a medium onion, 1/2 lb of sliced mushrooms, then when they were soft I set them aside and sauted up 1 zucchini cut into large matchstick pieces and 1 yellow squash cut into a small dice.  I mixed the mushroom and onions back in and then mixed in 6 oz of crumbled queso fresco.

At this point I realized that 1) my 9 x 12 casserole dish was in the fridge half-full of macaroni and cheese and 2) we were hungry and wanted to eat now.  I decided to layer the dish similar to lasagne.  Then I decided that I didn't want to wait another 20 to 30 minutes for the casserole to bake so I filled and rolled a couple cooked corn tortillas and top with sauce for us to eat for dinner and use the rest of the filling and sauce for the casserole.  The enchiladas were on the spicy side (I guess I used too many chiles) but okay with sour cream.

I layered corn tortillas, veggie mix, salsa, corn torillas, veggie mix, salsa, corn tortillas, and finally salsa (using maybe 1/2 cup of salsa per layer) topping with 3 oz of crumbled queso fresco.  Then I decided it seemed a little dry, at this point I remembered that Diana Kennedy mentioned tomatillo salsa pairs well with egg dishes, so I beat together two eggs and milk and poured it over the casserole and popped it in the oven set at 350 F for 30 minutes.

We are full from our enchiladas but I hope this egg, veggie and tomatillo salsa casserole is a good dinner tomorrow.

editing to add:  It was a great dinner, and lunch and another dinner.  Sadly I forgot to take pictures and post this in a timely fashion.

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