What I did on my summer vacation


  • hanging out at my mom’s house
  • a nice day hanging at my MIL’s with the SIL, nephew and MIL doing nothing in particular
  • freezed my butt off at a track meet (and yet I managed to get a shoe tan and burn my scalp at my part)
  • graduation ceremony with a 30+ minute talk that was probably 25 minutes too long, the very short valedictorian speeches (yes multiples) were great however
  • 1 long morning looking for appropriately timed and priced flights for 3 people and 3 different itineraries
  • mad dash through the Dallas-Fort Worth airport to barely make our connecting flight (that’s what I get for booking a 40 minute layover, the unfortunate gate-change didn’t help though)
  • attempted to prune roses for my grandmother (I think I did okay)
  • making 3 memory boards of photos of grandpa (which I will hopefully turn into photo albums)
  • spray painting two (of four) patio chairs and reupholstering the seats
  • 3 trips to TJ Maxx with my shopping buddy aunt (where I found a $30 pair of Cole Haan shoes in my cousin’s size)
  • 5 trips to the Burbank airport in one week

Well, it wasn’t intended on being a summer vacation, it was just supposed to be a long weekend to go see my little brother graduate from high school (also shown above pole vaulting).  My grandpa (the one who started hospice at the end of March and for whom I made a hat) ended up passing away on the Saturday we were out of town, then I realized that I messed up our return flights home by one day and the end result was flying from my mom’s to my dad’s family home for the funeral and between the extra days off work and extra plane tickets and car rental I’m sort of considering it our early summer vacation.  Not quite what we intended but oh well.  It was really nice to be with a lot of my family and I got to learn a little bit about the life my grandpa had outside the home (he retired when I was like 3 or 4).

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all the traveling

I'm currently at my aunt's house enjoying her wi-fi, I flew her to participate in the celebration of my cousin's high school graduation.  He is such a great kid, we are all a bit worried about his departure to college (a Cal Poly), since he is of the absent-minded scientist variety, but I'm sure he'll step up to the plate.  His sister had her 8th grade promotion ceremony the night before (so I got to attend that too), and poor girl doesn't get that not everyone sees that as a big deal.  Though I know it is a big deal to her.  Then it occurred to me that she might have to share her HS graduation with his college graduation.  Uh oh, it is almost enough to make me hope her brother takes just a bit longer than 4 years (and he might, sounds like he is considering a combined program that takes 5 years and finishes with a masters degree).  It would be nice if she doesn't have to share that celebration.

And suddenly I find myself contemplating all the family/friend celebrations I would like to be present for… all of which will require long road trips or plane flights (this would be in addition to the general holiday travel and hopefully seperate vacation travel and hopeful professional conference travel).

  • Friend's wedding in July- check (just bought my tickets, woo!)
  • Friend's wedding in March '08
  • Cousin's wedding in June '08
  • Brother's HS graduation in May '09
  • Cousin's HS graduation in June '11
  • Sister's HS graduation in May '12
  • Cousin's college graduation in June '11 or '12…

That doesn't include unknown weddings (and the September wedding of a high school friend I only vaguely keep in touch with) or trips just to visit with someone or see a new place.  It does include 1 trip to Hawaii and 1 trip to the east coast.  I wonder if all my fun money will be spent on airline tickets in the next few years?

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