Turtle Butt

As I knit Sheldon from Knitty the phrase what's up turtle butt? keeps going through my head.  Was that a grade school joke or is my inner 5 year old simply amused at the word butt?

Anyways.  I am finally knitting Sheldon, just one of the many things on my "to knit" list.  I put the Tomten on hold, because I want to send Sheldon to my nephew for his 1st birthday on February 14.  I just finished round 45 on the body and have done about 15 rounds a day.  I haven't done the time-line but I hope I can make my deadline. I'm being sort of boring with my first Sheldon and knitting him in the called for yarn in the colors green apple and butter.  His body as you can see is green apple and his shell will be butter with green apple contrast.

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February 5, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Thoughts. 2 comments.