Christmas funny

Watching MedLibraryGirl's Scrub's video reminded me of this video TheHusband showed me on YouTube earlier today.

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December 10, 2006. Tags: , . Thoughts. 3 comments.

VM season 1: finished

I finished watching season 1 on Monday, wait, Tuesday night.  At first I was pacing myself, but then I found out season 2 is out soon and season 3 starts in early October.  So then I started watching 3 episodes each (I love when the library lets you borrow an entire season).  I also noticed that the library discs look different than the netflix discs.  The only thing about season 1 that left me wondering was, why did people like Lilly so much?

August 19, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Life. 4 comments.