Valentines Ducks

Why?  Why not.  I think I started this tradition when I was in college, in possession of a rubber ducky shaped cookie cutter and no occasion to use it.  So I decided to make Valentines Ducks.  And it sort of stuck (except those years I forgot of course).  This year I kept it simple.  Sugar Cookies, confectionary sugar glaze (2 cups powdered sugar + 1/4 cup meyer lemon juice + red food coloring) and sugar sprinkles.


I finally got to use a bunch of the fun brightly colored sugar I’ve been collecting. Just a fyi, the large clear sugar crystals didn’t look all that great (middle duck, 2nd column from the right) and the large purple sugar crystals were just so so. The smaller sugar looks much better on the glaze. And I kept a few plain in case there are any sugar sprinkle hating people out there (are there?).

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Happy Valentines Day

In the February issue of Martha Stewart Living, they have a section on homemade valentines.  Somehow this year I wasn't real big on the idea of making valentines, but the re-wrapped chocolate bar idea caught my attention.  I scaled back my aspirations to 4 nice chocolate bars (Dagoba, a different variety for each person) for my parents and siblings.  Please excuse the crappy attempt at hiding their names (I tried pixelation but felt the names were still visible and didn't have the patience for other tools tonight).

I went to the scrap booking section of a nearby craft store and looked for prints that suited each family member, I inwardly cursed each time I found a print I liked and it ended up being card stock, which is too thick to wrap around the chocolate bar nicely.  Then I wondered if it would actually have been cheaper to buy once of those paper collections (my paper sub-total was 5.54 for 4 pieces of 12 x 12 paper and 2 pieces of 8.5 x 11 vellum) and pick my selections from it.  I used a  felt tip calligraphy pen to write the name of each recipient on the vellum that topped the print.  I alternated between using a glue stick and a scrapbooking adhesive thingamajig.  I also wrapped the original labels under the pretty paper so they'd know what they were eating (this created a little bulk, but I felt it was important for them to know what they would be eating).  My beloved self-healing mat, corkbacked metal ruler, exacto knife (with a nice soft rubber cover over the handle), and bone folder were other tools I used.  I'm not sure how long this took me, and I have loads of paper leftover for other stuff (each bar needed about 4.5 x 6 piece of patterned paper).

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