QotD: My Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans?

Is it cheating to answer this when the weekend is half-over?  Oh well.

Original plans: Stay home get a bit of home-stuff done, shop for curtain fabric, hit a farmer's market, errand type stuff.

What happened so far:
Friday: Did errands to become official state residents (license stuff, voter registration, etc); rewarded myself with a trip to a Huge fabric store, met up with TheHusband and some of his coworkers at a brewpub and socialized.

Saturday: Slept-in accidentally.  Realized the weather was going to be nice, so we ditched our vague plans for the Beach!!!  We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a new place (bagel sandwiches, the best thing about the place was they did their breakfast sandwiches all day and despite being noon I was in a breakfast mood) then made our way to the beach.  We just meandered along the beach for awhile, then meandered through the beach town, stopping for an early dinner and in a couple shops (I bought very yummy salt-water taffy, TheHusband bought a sweatshirt cause he was getting cold).  Then we drove a few miles down the coast to another beach (why not) to watch the sun set and drove home.  Next up hot chocolate and a movie.

Sunday: nesting around the house, some shopping to facilitate nesting, laundry, grocery shopping

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