Too much fun, too few photos

Over the weekend I participated in the second annual Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meetup.  This year it was in Portland which meant I was familiar with all the places we went and just didn’t think to take photos.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the weekend.

If you prefer, the TLDR version: Thursday=fun, Friday=fun, Saturday=fun, Sunday=fun and exhausted. Everyday=lots of chatting, sewing, shopping, eating, drinking and general merriment. Oh and a smidge of learning. A few photos and many many more words follow.


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Second Saturday in July


The second Saturday in July is the Sisters’ Quilt Show. I’ve been lucky enough to go for the past three years but this seems to be the first year I actually managed to upload the photos and write a bit about it. The weather was just about perfect, hot but not too hot (well just a bit if you were standing in the sun for too long). It seemed a little bit less crowded than years past, but maybe I’m just adjusting my expectations. I got to wander the show with a few friends, that was nice and we took breaks for lunch, fudge, and ice cream. Kettle corn was also purchased. A bit of fabric shopping (I stuck to the fat quarters so I wouldn’t have to stand in line twice – once for cutting and then for paying).  This is a photo heavy post, so I’m going to make them smaller than usual, and if you click through to flickr you should find the accompanying photo with information about the quilt. There were many more quilts that I liked, but I tried to restrain myself with photos this year.

IMG_7848 IMG_7850
Amy Walsh (L) & Betty Daggett (R)

IMG_7852 IMG_7854
Hilde Morin (L) & Karla Alexander (R)

IMG_7856 IMG_7858
Betty Daggett (L) & Besty Biller (R)

IMG_7860 IMG_7862
Cathy Campbell (L) & Betty Anne Guadalupe (R)

IMG_7864 IMG_7867
Tierney Hogan (L) & unlisted employee of The Stitching Post (R)

IMG_7868 IMG_7870
Pam Bush (L) & Kristin Shields (R) (a better shot of the swing attached to the quilt)

IMG_7874 IMG_7877
Kristin Shields (L&R)

And my own PMQG had a special exhibit (I did not enter anything in this – I keep saying “next year”). But I was an idiot who, since I recognized most quilts completely forgot to take photos of the tags. I’m sorry fellow guild members – if I managed to get all the info I’ll edit this so everyone gets credit for their quilt. Thanks to the PMQG post I was able to give attribution, and if you want to see larger photos of each quilt individually check out the PMQG post.


IMG_7885 IMG_7886
Petra Anderson, Nancy Kennedy, Christina Lane (L) & Katie Sciarrino, Amber Wilson, Gail Weiss (R)

IMG_7887 IMG_7888
Gail, Rachel Kerley, Linda Nussbaum (L) & Chelle Casey-Stevenson, Suzanne Gray (R)

IMG_7892 IMG_7889
Jeri Bonset, Jen Carlton-Bailly (L) & Cris Pera, AnnMarie Cowley (R)

IMG_7883 cropped
Kimberly Lumapas, PMQG Collaborative Quilt

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Pink drinks for summer

A bit over a week ago I found this recipe for strawberry-rhubarb infused vodka and I knew I had to make it. I haven’t had luck with infusions in the past but I did like that this recipe made a small batch. Also rhubarb….I’m a sucker for rhubarb.

I meant to try the drink included with the infusion recipe, or the spiked lemonade. But this afternoon I realized I forgot to pick up the necessary ingredients. So a “simple” vodka & soda was made (really a better test anyway).


1 1/2 – 2 oz infused vodka
6 oz soda or seltzer water
mint garnish optional

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I like picnics

Inspired by my friend Sarah’s May goal of going on a picnic (or maybe in attempt to inspire her).



Last weekend we debated driving to the coast (above, September 2008) but decided to just enjoy the good weather we were having in town instead. We headed to the lilac garden since the lilacs were blooming all around us and I’ve been wanting to be in the park during the bloom for a while now. (I never had the timing right before).


We actually ate on the benches since we though our sandwiches might be more tempting than grass to our sheep/cow dog. And then we chilled on the blanket with a good book. Check out all that purple (and blond lump grazing):


We like picnics. I made a blanket/quilt just for picnics. Picnics are about food of course, but also…

reading (September 2010)

handcrafts (April 2012)

people (or dog) watching (April 2012)

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Weekending with Yarn

A few months into 2013 and I realized that one of my goals is to take more classes, jump on more opportunities (like visiting every shop on the Rose City Yarn Crawl even if I do it solo). So when I learned that Sock Summit was no more  (so so so glad I managed to experience the first Sock Summit) I stopped waffling about the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival and jumped on the class I had been eyeing.

We started the Saturday off our usual way, muffins, tea and ‘tubing (as we have call browsing online). Those muffins, btw, were delicious – I have a standard muffin recipe that I have memorized, but I tried a new recipe that involved folding about 2/3 cup of jam into the batter and baking at a lower temperature for a longer time. They turned out delicious if a bit sticky, with pockets of jam getting all caramelized near the edges.


I drove to Hood River on Saturday to take Carson Demer’s Ergonomics for Knitters class and experience a little bit of the CGFF. Because I was running a bit later than I wanted (muffins, internet…) I didn’t really have time to stop anywhere on the way there, I arrived about 25 minutes before my class which was just enough time to check-in, find the classroom and find a spot to eat my lunch. Then class, our classroom had a view of the Columbia River. Finally after class I went to the marketplace. Now, the CGFF has a lot of classes geared towards spinners and so the marketplace also is geared towards spinners. But there was also a good amount of handspun and/or hand-dyed yarn to purchase. The second booth I walked to I spotted what I wanted, but I was good and waited until I went around the entire marketplace. Then I was back in Lavender Sheep’s booth evaluating every fingering weight skein of the Mountain Sunset color that I could find. I settled on her Superwash Merino Wool sock yarn but was mighty tempted by a couple lace weights – I’m just not ready to go back to laceweight yet. And I totally forgot to go back to the BarMaids booth for a new travel size lo lo bar, luckily several shops in town carry that (but the booth at events always has the best scent selection). I don’t think I’ve managed to capture the color of this yarn in the dozen or so photos I snapped, so this will have to do.


And I headed home. I wish I had been a passenger so I could snap some photos of the drive, because it is such a pretty drive even when you stick to the interstate. But I did make a 2 minute stop on the way home at Multnomah Falls, because how could I not? I snapped this (things I take photos of too often: my dog, moss on trees and waterfalls).


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Rose City Yarn Crawl late recap

I wavered on whether or not I should do the yarn crawl. I spent most of last year on a yarn “diet”, trying to not buy yarn; but truthfully I still haven’t knit-down my stash to my satisfaction (frogging projects doesn’t help matters). But then that Thursday afternoon I thought, “I have the time now, so why not?”. I went and took some money out of the ATM with a goal of only spending that cash. I had a few things in mind that I was looking for (a few patterns I’ve been eyeing, a very specific skein of yarn). Due to my last minute decision this was a solo project.  Being solo was one of the reasons I was hesitant, 18 yarn shops, a few on the perimeters of the metro area (in my eye anyway), it felt a little bit wasteful. Also, the first year I just went to a couple shops, and while I am decidedly an introvert, I still find it hard to do solo events when I am surrounded by groups of buddies. But I rallied my spirits, swallowed my pride and did it by myself.

I’m so glad I did. I visited shops that I wouldn’t have (even though sometimes I do go on epic yarn-hunts in the city searching for that perfect yarn for a project). And having some gorgeous nearly 60 degree and sunny weather didn’t hurt either. I visited all 18 shops, spread out over all four days (I also managed to go to PMQG’s all-day sew on Saturday too). And I splurged a little bit, but really I didn’t go very far over my initial budget. I got things I had been looking for (sock yarn, shawl pin) and things I had not (yarn, and my  perennial weakness, buttons). I made mental notes of many yarns that I want to try…eventually. I feel like I have better sense of different shops strengths & weaknesses. I got to hold a two-week old lamb!

I am sad to say, however I didn’t get any good shots of places/things that aren’t yarn-related (like the very cool leaning abandoned house in the country, darn you rain + truck following me or the bridge in Oregon City). The haul:


Impulse yarn: Malabrigo Rastita in Indiecita. Planned yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock in White. Nifty notions from Hiya Hiya: pretty colored tapestry needles with bent tips (my fav tip) and interesting bulb shaped safety pins. A Shawl Pin. Vintage buttons. A fat quarter (I wonder how many yarn crawlers bought fabric). Patterns (it turns out I just got the patterns that were designed specifically for the crawl).

One of the things that attracted me to this particularly skein of Indiecita was the blends of blues and aquas. I knew from a past purchase of that colorway that it could vary quite a bit, and I wasn’t sure I’d find that combination again (or when). I never thought I’d fall for such a variegated yarn. Take a look (the shawl is knit out of malabrigo sock, but still):


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Last Weekend

Last Friday it was sunny and 60 degrees, so I made an afternoon of it and treated myself to a couple of my favorite things in the city: Cool Cottons for fabric shopping and Cool Moon for ice cream.
Fabric for an impulsive new project, one stash-enhancement piece, an impulsive fabric piece, more grey to complete a project, and another owl print for my eventual owl quilt.

Strawberry Sorbet and Butter Almond Brickle. Not a particularly winning combo, but sometimes I pick two micro-scoops simply so I can indulge in two flavors.

On Saturday we lingered too long in the morning, and the weather turned from dry to wet on our walk to get waffles. Instead of turning back for home we carried on anyway. For the first time I noticed the yard with the huge garden had bee hives.


After eating our waffles, it was still raining, so we opted to head home instead of continuing to explore on foot as originally planned. The sky was misleading but pretty.

Directly above us it was raining and grey (the dark upper left corner is my hand trying to block drops from hitting the lens).

Of course we had forgotten our raincoats, so we got rather wet on our walk, my glasses looked like this.

This is the one thing I hate about wearing glasses.

I ran errands. And then I finally got to make a treat I’ve been dreaming of for a while, a savory small bite. I’m not sure when I bookmarked the recipe, and I was in such a hurry when they finished I never snapped a photo (also it was dark). Blue cheese savouries with rosemary-rhubarb jam (homemade last summer, I’m sure any jam that pairs well with blue cheese would work). The recipe has you roll them out into tiny round crackers, but I formed mine like thumbprint cookies and piped jam into the center. Due to the size my yield changed (IIRC I got about 60 “cookies” from a double batch) and the bake time was closer to 15-18 minutes instead of 10 (also they tasted better slightly over-baked than under-baked). They were delicious and received with rave reviews.

Blue Cheese Savouries ready for the oven.

And then our Sunday morning looked like this (it often does, really the only variation is what type of tea you will find in our mugs, that morning it was Mt Hood Vanilla black tea with a splash of milk).

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