WIPW: Green Grandpa Cardigan

I started this cardigan for that knitting challenge knitters do during the Olympic Games. Except I barely watched the Olympics, started knitting a week late, etc. Anyway, I was planning on making the Baby Sophisticate cardigan pattern for a while, and this January the right yarn came into my hands – except it wasn’t the right yarn when I realized that I should make a 2T size. Since it was a simple pattern I decided to mash-up this pattern with another that had my gauge and sizing (not to mention I’ve made several top-down raglans, so I have the construction down – I just needed some assistance with sizing). I’m not entirely sure I’m on the mark for size but we shall see. I’ve done a little bit of work on this since the photo was taken – but I’m stuck waiting for the right buttons so I can make sure my buttonholes are the right size.


Meanwhile I have finished two things, the granny circle stool cover and I finally hemmed a skirt that has been kicking around my sewing space unhemmed for at least 2 (make that 2 1/2) years. And I think I managed to clear my sewing/cutting table which is helping boost productivity (I hemmed the skirt and a pair of pj pants for a friend).

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WIPW: Perfect is better than done?

No it isn’t… but my brain keeps trying to tell me that. I have too many works in progress. Each time I try to count them I loose track, and if I attempt to put them all on the sewing table it gets buried and takes forever to unbury it. Here is one of many WIP. I’m trying to whittle them done and not start new projects (but I have two I’ve mentally started anyway).

wonky cross blocks pillow top

This will be a pillow top that coordinates with a pillow that I finished two years ago and cut out three years ago. I had 7 extra blocks, so I made 9 more. I had to get a little creative with that red dot since I was running out of it. And then I went and decided that I couldn’t live with the blobby pinwheel in the center of the top so I had to rip three seams and reassemble it (lesson: layout before seaming blocks). I’m still not really happy with it, but am calling close-enough. Now to find my stash of crummy fabric to use on the back of my pillow-top quilt sandwich.

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WIP Wednesday: Rosie

I’m making my niece a stuffed bear. This pattern has been on my list for a while, originally I was going to use some stash yarn, but I worried about gauge and the yarn is very pale, not good for a bear that will hopefully be loved a lot.


I snapped this photo last weekend, now I’m onto the bear’s head. I’ve stumbled a few times, questioning the way the pattern is written (which is fine, I just wanted to do things a little differently, and due to the magic of Ravelry I was able to confirm with the pattern designer that I wouldn’t screw it up making those changes). I wish I had done a provisional cast-on, but I hadn’t. However in stockinette you can un-work the cast-on (or snip a stitch and un-work a row), then put the newly liberated live stitches on your needles and proceed. I’ve heard that un-working the cast-on can be horribly tedious, so I tested it out. Not easy, but not too bad over the course of a couple easy to follow tv shows. I did a test run before diving in on my work, because while you can always frog and re-knit I’m on a timeline.


Testing with a 20 stitch tube instead of something 3 times that. If you look closely you might notice that the live stitches are not quite lined up – what constitutes a column of knit stitches changes depending on which edge you look at – that is ok for stockinette.

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WIPW: dreading the ramen

I’ve put off this day for months and months.  Finally I sat down with a Mad Men DVD (season 2, disc 1) and picked out the seaming, took some “pre-wash” measurements on my humongous actual item sized gauge swatches, and frogged the front.  I left the back piece intact and plan on washing it to get a few ‘post-wash’ measurements for [hopefully] more accurate gauge information. Because I still want a simple purple tank top from this yarn.


And well, looky here, it appears that I never blogged this project. I started Petrie (Rav project link) last summer, at the end of June and almost finished it at the end of August. It was seamed and mostly hemmed – I just had oodles of ends to weave in when I tried it on and realized I wouldn’t ever wear it. What happened? I don’t know. Clearly something is amiss in either my gauge or my math for the waist-shaping addition (of course the shoulders don’t fit either).


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WIPW (ish) Making the Pattern

Step 1: Figure out what the finished size should be:


Step 2.5: Cut out Fabric (see cut list)

Step 3: Interface, Interface

Step 4: Bind the edges

Step 5: Almost there… putting it together


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