Sewing to do list

I really wanted to include pictures of fabric with this post, but it is dark so they won't photograph very well.  I've had a strong urge to sew since I've moved, but I haven't actually pulled out my machine yet (ecru turning yellow old Singer).  I wonder if it is more the idea of sewing that I am lusting after.  I think I've stalled on a few projects because I'm worried I'll screw them up and loose my pretty fabric.  Must get over that.  This list isn't in any particular order.  I can't even decide what to do first.  Probably the stuff that I have fabric for.

What I want to sew (the asterisk means I already have the fabric, if not all the notions/accessories needed)

  • Crochet/Knitting needle rolls*
  • New purse (hopefully recreating my nearly perfect but sadly dead purse)
  • car stuff bag (jumper cables, etc.  to keep it corralled in the trunk)
  • Amy Butler Nappy Bag (not sure who for, but I wanna sew it)
  • Paisley Pincushion Scalloped apron
  • Curtains for the office
  • Curtains for the bedroom (I might have some fabric that will work, I'm mulling it over)
  • Pillows for the office futon
  • Dog crate cover
  • Dog bed
  • Shopping bags (the basic cloth bag, but in fun fabrics)
  • Messenger bag* (it will have polka-dots)
  • Stripey skirt
  • baby cord skirt
  • baby quilt
Needle roll fabricStripey skirt fabricMessenger bag fabric

And I don't have a pattern for a single thing in this list (I am not buying the patterns I mentioned until I get through some of my other items that have been patiently waiting since June).  I have an idea on how to construct each thing but no actual pattern.  That is probably part of my stumbling block (I can be a perfectionist who puts off doing stuff for fear it won't be perfect).

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October 6, 2006. Tags: , . Sewing.

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  1. library_chic replied:

    There's a good knitting needle roll pattern in the Stitch N Bitch book. I made it on Wednesday and it only took a couple hours (from first cut to final product). It actually holds all my needles too! (you can see it here:

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